Shewekar Interior Designer . Interior Design Egypt

Elegant yet modern, chic yet functional and savvy but still comfortable to the eye and beyond, this is how Shewekar Elgharably Design Studio sets off with any commercial and residential interior design or even landscape design project.

Residentially, the 10-year-old interior design company in Egypt, has worked with various spaces like apartments, villas, and beach houses around Egypt creating exquisite transitional, modern and ultra-modern interiors. Optimizing space usage to suit the bespoke family lifestyle, to putting together a full interior palette that impresses the home resident's as well as their guests.

On the commercial interior design level, the studio has been able to create functional spaces incorporating client's business needs with the objective of maximizing return on investment. Finding synergies between contemporary aesthetics, wow-factor designs, and cost efficiency using lasting materials has been always a success formula for our clients and our design company in Egypt.