Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

About Us

Our Story

Shewekar is an award-winning interior design studio specialized in eclectic furniture design and residential & commercial interiors.

Our furniture collection is comprised of timeless pieces that will never go out of style. They are elegant and contemporary, yet functional and practical.  Every furniture piece is an exquisite work of art that brings glamour and finesse wherever it’s displayed. From the selection of materials, to the delicately handcrafted finishing accents, our lifestyle designs are articulated with style and passion.

We curate our wealth of knowledge and experience into every project.  Our interior palette reflects beautiful functional spaces that best meets our client’s needs. We optimize space use in all our residential and commercial projects, where our philosophy lies in finding synergies between contemporary aesthetics, wow-factor designs and functionality.

Meet Shewekar

“It’s all in the details”, believes Shewekar, popularly known as Shiwi, the founder and lead designer of Shewekar design studio.  After concluding her B.A. in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo, Shewekar pursued her passion for architecture and design. Living in Miami at the time, she decided to study her second B.A., in Interior Design from the Miami International University of Art and Design. Upon returning to Egypt in 2002, with renewed inspiration, she established her own studio to creatively transform what she learned to experiential work. In 2017, she expanded her scope of work to furniture design and launched Shewekar, her signature luxury furniture and exquisite home accessories line.  Since Shewekar believes in enjoying a holistic lifestyle, she is also a certified nutritionist, health coach and philanthropist, but her true passion remains to be creating refined and inspiring spaces.  She’s also the author of a Middle Eastern cookbook titled “Bel Hana”, which will be out by August 2019.

Meet Salma

Salma Elnashar is the Managing Partner at Shewekar Design Studio. Salma received her BA in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 1998. With a love for figures and analysis she kicked off her professional career as an account executive at Middle East Marketing Research Bureau where she got a solid base in research and market analysis. She then pursued her Masters in Business Administration from AUC in 2004. This paved the way for her to lead the Marketing Research department in PepsiCo International in charge of the Snacks business where she complimented her knowledge with management and strategic planning. Salma then joined Toolbox, a strong local consulting firm, where she utilized her experience and academic learning to best optimize different companies’ business performance. And now she has finally crowned her career of over 15 years by joining Shewekar so together they can grow and enhance the business.

Meet the Team

Our hardworking & dedicated design team has expanded to more than 20 passionate and detail-oriented designers and architects. Our team members have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and maintain open communication channels throughout the entire design and execution processes to ensure customer satisfaction.