Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

Award-Winning Timeless Designs

Beautiful Spaces

With over 20 years of experience and two international design awards, we curate our wealth of knowledge and experience into every project. Our interior palette reflects beautiful functional spaces that best meet our client’s needs, inspired by our love for eclectic design that mixes materials, theories, and styles. We optimize space use in all our residential and commercial projects, where our philosophy lies in finding synergies between contemporary aesthetics, wow-factor designs and functionality.

Reviving Our Heritage

Inspired by a love for our heritage and original design, our pieces creatively infuse Egyptian motifs, materials and craftsmanship with contemporary functional design. Each piece is drawn and re-drawn to maturity and then crafted to perfection by the best artisans in Egypt, bringing together an exquisite blend of history, geometry and nature.

Furniture Design

Eclectic, timeless, refined and trendy is what best describes our furniture collection. It is comprised of original designs sketched from scratch and beautifully executed into a sensory experience that radiates with uniqueness. Inspired by the love for the original design and experimenting with different materials.