Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522


The two-time award-winning Shewekar design studio came to life in 2002 and has been growing and flourishing ever since. We hold pride in delivering exclusive and state-of-the-art commercial and residential projects.  Our hardworking & dedicated design team has expanded to more than 20 passionate and detail-oriented designers and architects. Their professional devotion and expertise are the fundamental contributors to our success. Together we executed local & international projects namely in Egypt and Europe. 

Uniqueness, functionality and beauty are our core guiding principles when designing a project. Uniqueness is attained through harmoniously integrating our knowledge and vision with our client’s style and taste. Functionality is achieved by understanding our client’s needs and objectives to gracefully execute what they are looking for. Beauty lies in all the details that go into our work, because we are firm believers that every little aspect matters. That is why every project delivered is truly one of a kind and has a distinctive spirit.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest happenings in the design world inspires our deliverables, widens our exposure to new trends and increases our suppliers’ database, which is reflected in the solutions we offer and the diversified range of materials we work with.