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Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

Beano’s Café – GEM

Project Date : 2023

Client : Beano's Café

The design intention for Beano’s GEM was to stay true to the brand while paying homage to our Egyptian heritage and its iconic representation at the GEM. Upon entry one is taken in awe by the rich brass tree inspired by the Banyan tree that grows on Egyptian soil and is said to make wishes come true. Its aerial roots are beautifully stylized into swirly delicate folds of perforated brass sheets. The counter is made of roughly-cut Aswani granite, while the lighting is custom-designed and made from our beloved Alabaster that was widely used in Ancient Egypt. In ancient times, the color blue represented the heavens, the dominion of gods, as well as water and the primeval flood, represented here in the custom-made blue glass with the papyrus plants drawn on it. The cozy neighborhood-café feel was not lost when transported to the GEM, it was simply elevated to match the grandiose and honor of that space. The eclectic feel of matching materials, the color palate and the delicate modern lines of the furniture was all maintained to ensure a thread of continuity between this and other Beano’s branches.