Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

The Design Show 2022

Project Date : 2022

Client : TDS Exhibition

Shewekar was thrilled to be part of Egypt’s largest and most prestigious design show that’s now leading the entire MENA region; The Design Show 2022. After our success in several international exhibitions, namely in New York’s Design Wanted and The Design Week in Paris, it was our honor to showcase our 2022 collection in a full-fledged exhibition space. Known for her reimagined Egyptian-inspired designs, the exhibition space was designed to evoke a sense of history and serenity. With motifs and hues borrowed from our rich Pharaonic heritage, the space was the perfect backdrop for our latest ethereal collection Celestial. The Collection: As we leave two years of pandemic behind us, returning to normal may not be sufficient. We need to strive for more refined standards and elevate our senses to loftier heights. That’s why we dubbed our new luxury collection, Celestial. Headlining this timeless collection is our Signature-Shewkar-Straw; an all but lost traditional art custom that we brought to furniture design and manufacturing, after 18 months of extensive research and development.