Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

Movenpick Resort Hurghada

The project was to renovate the entire lobby including its seating arrangement and interiors, as well as the interior of the hotel rooms. The budget was limited but we are firm believers that even the simplest changes can make a great difference. Our main goal was to reorganize the lobby’s seating arrangements to become more inviting, vibrant and warm, bringing the hotel guests together and minimizing unused space. We decided to keep the ancient Egyptian-inspired interiors and give it a revamped art deco flair for a contemporary feel. We started off by re-upholstering the furniture with brighter colors and brought the seating arrangements closer to each other to transform the lobby into a cozy place for guests to hang out and mingle. We covered the floor with a huge carpet to compensate for the outdated pattern of tiles and yet accommodate the assigned budget. We removed non-essential clutter in the lobby to give it a sleek, yet comfortable look. And to add glamour and grandeur we installed an enormous chandelier lighting fixture to crown the lobby. As for the rooms, we redesigned their interiors to give them more color and chose new furnishing with a simple modern look and feel.

Client : Movenpick Resort

Project Date : 2012