Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

The Makeover

Client : Residential Apartment

Project Date : 2021

This was a fun little project! A dear friend wanted her 15-year-old apartment revamped and modernized. Heavy with classical paintings, velvet sofas and thick draped curtains, it was our task and joy to lighten it up and re-arrange the space to better accommodate the growing children. The living area switched places with the dining room to allow for a larger sofa and TV, the kid’s area was seamlessly sealed off with metal and glass doors, and the bar was completely remodeled with our signature touch of merging multiple materials - in this case carved oak wood, bespoke marble, tinted mirrors and brass. Take a tour of the photos here then head over to our Instagram account to see the before pictures.