Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522
Welcome to Shewekar! +201553627522

Villa Natura – 2022 Award Winner

Client : Hacienda Villa Natura

Project Date : 2021

Inspired by the vibrant nature of the North Coast in Egypt, every corner in this summer home is a nod of love and respect to the sea, sky and colorful flora. The masterpiece kitchenette and bar are the absolute embodiment of this inspiration; the kitchenette mimics an over-sized canvas made of stained veneer, while the bar legs are hand-crafted to reflect the palm trees this area is rich for. Moving outside, we see the beautiful bar that matches our beloved lotus flower with a vibrant yellow Terrazzo counter, all hugged with a very lush landscape. Going through every area and room in this house we see design details, custom-designed furniture, material choices and carefully selected accessories and art that just make this home a true pride and joy for us and its wonderful owners. Winner of The International Design & Architecture Awards for Living Space - Middle East & Africas 2022.